Jenna Jameson strips off for animal rights

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Jenna Jameson strips off for animal rightsIn PETA's (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal) latest bid to rouse interest in the many sexy alternatives to leather, adult film icon Jenna Jameson donned a black wig and pleather bikini to evoke screen siren Bettie Page for a synthetic new PETA ad called "Pleather Yourself: Discover the Pleasure of Pleather."

"It's so exciting, something that is really close to my heart," noted Jameson. "I actually approached PETA about working for them because I was on the internet and I looked at a blog about animal rights and I ended up watching a movie off that blog called, 'Earthlings.' It really changed my life. It made me re-think all of the things that did and the tings that I bought."

Jameson confessed the epiphany did not come over night. "I had to question myself for a second because at the time I had a huge amount of leather in my closet and I thought, 'How am I going to change things? How am I going to get rid of those Louis Vuittons? Well I am not getting rid of my Louis Vuittons. It's really about changing your outlook and thinking about the different options out there."

Jameson unveiled the new campaign, shot by top celebrity photographer Gavin Bond, as part of Monday's Los Angeles Fashion Week.

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