Emma Watson wants to get naked like Daniel

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Emma WatsonHarry Potter star Emma Watson wants to follow in Daniel Radcliffe’s footsteps by dropping her clothes.

The 17-year old Brit, who late last month was voted her country’s ‘Greatest Female Ambassador’ in a poll conducted by Top of the Pops magazine, said that she was hoping that she too would get the chance to drop her nice girl image by shedding her clothes – especially after seeing Radcliffe’s performance in Equus.
"I'd like to think I would (do that). Not that I want to get naked, but I hope that something like that will come along. That's the plan anyway," Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.
Watson, who plays the muggle-born witch Hermione in the hit movie adaptations of the JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, will now be seen on the big screen in the fifth Potter flick, ‘The Order of the Phoenix’.
The actress recently admitted that when she auditioned for the first film as a 10-year-old, she had no idea that the franchise would make her so rich.
Watson, who now earns a reported 4 million dollars for each Harry Potter film, insisted that though she has enough money to retire for life, she doesn’t want to stop working.

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