Angelina doesn’t like freebies

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Angelina JolieMost of us would be excited if a big name designer sent us a package of complimentary clothing. But then, Angelina Jolie isn’t most of us.
The Wanted actress made a quiet statement by returning a package that a designer had sent for her kids. She sent a thank you note as well.
And insider told press, “Angelina returned the clothes with a nice thank-you note. “But she made it clear she could not accept the gift, as she didn’t know exactly who sent them.”
It’s not out of character for Jolie to deny fancy designer gifts though. Just recently she attended a NYC movie premiere in a $26 (Rs 1,051) vintage dress, rather than some extravagant designer’s gift.
She’s also chosen local schools for her children, in lieu of a private tutor while she films on location in the Czech Republic.
While this may surprise some people, it’s all about keeping the proper perspective for Angelina and her brood.

Angelina doesn’t like freebies others,

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