William, Kate can’t stay apart

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A Secret Date?

Prince William and Kate Middleton reunited for a candlelit cocktail after the Concert for Diana, where they sat just a few seats away from each other.
The Sun caught the pair getting cozy — William rested his head on Kate’s shoulder, whispered in her ear, and held her hand under the table.
Their source reveals, “Kate was dancing so sexily in front of William that chemistry was just oozing off them. None of us had ever seen so much electricity between them before.
It was as if they had just met and fallen in love. Wills and Kate couldn’t get enough of each other. It was almost embarrassing to be around them. They didn’t leave each other for the whole party and danced together constantly. Kate shimmied seductively up and down his body. It was like something out of Dirty Dancing.”
Meanwhile, it is also being reported that William and Kate spent the night before Sunday’s concert together.
Kate reportedly drove to his house around midnight and returned to her flat at around 4 am, the Daily
Mail reports.
Though there has been no official confirmation on their relationship yet, we are keeping our fingers crossed for the couple.

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