Britney Spears Binges on Life’s Poison

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Britney Spears(According Us she's dating her bodyguard/manny)

Britney Spears is binging on alcohol, food and shopping, it has been
The 25-year-old singer checked into Malibu's Promises rehab center earlier
this year, but sources say she has not changed her ways.
A source told America's Star magazine: "Britney is drinking heavily again,
binge shopping and eating like there's no tomorrow.
"On several occasions, I have seen her pouring alcohol into energy drink
"Britney requests that her alcohol be served in carafes rather than in
bottles. Once, a waitress made the mistake of bringing her a bottle. Britney
grabbed her arm and told her she couldn't be seen with it."
Meanwhile, the 'Toxic' singer's reported feud with her mother Lynne is said
to be causing a rift between her and younger sister Jamie Lynn.
A source revealed: "Jamie Lynn and Britney have always been close, but Jamie
Lynn thinks Britney is being cruel, especially after everything their mom
did for her.
"Jamie Lynn wants it to stop."
Last week, Britney's new boyfriend branded her a "practising alcoholic".
Alcohol counsellor John Sundahl, who met Britney earlier this year at her
Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, admitted the pop star has a drinking problem.
He confirmed: "Yes, she is still a practising alcoholic."

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