Paris Hilton’s garbage sells big on eBay!

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EBay Logogarbage sells big on eBay!
An empty can of gourmet dog food taken from Paris Hilton’s trash fetched $305 (Rs 12,300) in an eBay auction. The sellers were from the web site, which also listed several other Paris items for sale.
A used toothbrush sold for $305; two envelopes sent to her while she was in jail sold for $510 (Rs 20,600); and a Coke can pulled from her trash went for $51 (Rs 2,000).
The organic gourmet dog food was produced by Party Animal Inc.
Meanwhile, it looks like Paris is taking her vow to change after leaving the slammer seriously. To shed her party-girl image, she’s moving out of her LA home.
Her current house is surrounded by some of Hollywood’s most notorious nightclubs. So, in a bid to avoid being lured in, she is moving out of her home to nearby neighbourhood, Beverly Hills.
A source told The Sun, “Paris wants to show she’s serious about cleaning up her act. Her current home carries too much temptation. All of her clubbing pals pop round before and after they go out and try to get her involved.”

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