Lindsay Lohan's Lesbian Fears Revealed

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Lindsay Lohan's Lesbian Fears Revealed“But still Lindsay brought men back,” the pal added.

“Courtenay would throw fits of rage, writing her hundreds of angry e-mails from another room in the house.

“The sexual attraction between them was electric though and they’d still kiss and make up," the pal said.

That ended last December when Lohan bedded one man too many and, unable to take more humiliation, Semel moved out.

It was less than a week later that Samantha was back on the scene. Outwardly, at least, Lindsay became a changed person, even turning blonde.

“Courtenay still can’t understand how Lindsay is now so open with Samantha,” the pal commented.

“Every time she sees a picture of them together it kills her,” the pal added.

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