Paris Hilton Appears in new sex tape Scandal

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Paris Hilton Appears in new sex tape ScandalA second videotape showing Paris Hilton in a bathtub has surfaced on the web.

Paris Hilton is again featured in a new undated sex tape featuring the self-proclaimed socialite splashing around in a large tub and poking fun at her previous sex tape fiasco.

The tame version of the private footage shows the heiress completely covered in bubbles, but there is an uncensored version reportedly making its way on the adult-only sites. In the video, the unidentified male cameraman can be heard saying, "If you were with us before, this is issue No. 3 of the Paris Hilton sex tape." Although we only know of 1 before this taping.

The tape is believed to have been among Hilton's belongings stored in a Los Angeles storage facility, which were confiscated after she failed to pay a $208 bill back in November 2005.

Hilton's belongings were sold off to an unnamed buyer for $2,775 before finding their prestigious course into the hands of the late David Hans Schmidt, also known as the "Sultan of Sleaze," who offered to sell the entire collection for $20 million.

The collection of Hilton's items are love letters from Nick Carter, videos of Hilton in St. Tropez, personal photographs, jewelry and furniture.

One has to wonder why Paris Hilton didn't pay the $208 storage bill. It's almost as if she wants these sex tapes on the internet. I wonder what other adult video store she'll go in and threaten to sue for selling her sex tapes, as she did in Canada a couple weeks ago.
Paris Hilton appears in new sex tape

Paris Hilton Appears in new sex tape Scandal others,