Britney Spears upsets humane society

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Britney Spears GalleryBritney Spears has come under fire from an animal rights group in Los Angeles after choosing to buy a new $3,000 dog from a pet store.The Humane Society officials claim the pop superstar should have spent more time picking her pet.Spokeswoman Stephanie Shain tells TV news show Entertainment Tonight, "Choosing a dog is a major lifestyle decision that should not be taken lightly."We suggest that people take time to choose a member of their family, and to be sure they are working with a reputable breeder... Ms. Spears is setting a damaging example to the public."Most dogs sold in pet stores come from puppy mills--factory-like facilities, churning out purebred and 'designer' puppies in large numbers. Puppy mills look only to make a profit; [they] commonly disregard the dog's physical and emotional health."

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