Paris wears same outfit as her dog

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Shame on all of us who assumed that the skimpy hems, bare midriffs and plunging necklines of Paris Hilton's outfits were all about grabbing publicity.

For she's obviously been trimming off the extra fabric and saving it to make a matching wardrobe - for her dog.
Out in Malibu on Tuesday, Paris dressed the Yorkie puppy in a leopard-print frock which seemed only slightly smaller than her swimsuit and shorts in the same fabric.

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The heiress teamed her outfit with a pair of black high-heeled pumps, but mercifully decided to leave the puppy's paws bare.
They visited a number of shops together including a pet store, where Miss Hilton stocked up on supplies for her new pet.
At one point the dog made a break for it but could not outpace its leggy owner.
The 26-year-old has rented a house in the Malibu area for summer, and has been seen surfing, clubbing and generally letting her hair down after her harrowing 23 days in prison for drink-driving offences.

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Paris HiltonLil' Paris: Paris's mini-mutt shows off her flamboyant outfit on the beach

The sudden interest in surfing is thought to have something to do with a budding romance with Australian surfer and clothing designer Tyler Atkins.
She is also managing to fit in a little work. Reports suggest Miss Hilton has made music a priority and is having voice lessons several times a week, in an effort to relaunch her career.

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Paris HiltonJungle Paris: The heiress shows off her wild side in a revealing animal print romper suit

When her first self-titled album was released last summer, a co-production between Warner Bros and her own Heiress Records, she achieved a miserly 600,000 sales and a cool reception from critics. Only one song, Stars are Blind, had chart success.

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