Posh is queen of the quip

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Victoria Beckham SHE might not have the best singing voice in the world - but Victoria Beckham certainly has a way with words.
Posh proved she's Queen of the Quip in the recent telly documentary about her move to the States, Coming to America.From boobs to fat friends to her long-suffering husband David, Mrs Beckham let fly with some unforgettable funnies.But don't worry, if you missed the show, here's some of the Spice Girl's best rib-ticklers to make you go zig-a-zig-ha
Discussing her husband: "They're always saying 'My God he's so handsome, he's so gorgeous, he's so good looking and she's so funny.' Basically that means you're a pig with a sense of humour."
After a party with some LA wives: "They were fabulous, they were glamorous, they were gorgeous, they were well dressed. The lipstick was just major, major red lipstick. I'd never seen lipstick like it. As soon as I walked in that room I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, pass out or get on the next flight home."Speaking to her new personal assistant: "We'll get on well together. Of course, everyone has a fat friend. No offence or anything."
After hearing Lionel Richie had laid the floor in her rented home: "Lionel Richie laid the parquet floor while he was dancing on the ceiling!"
Giving some serious advice: "Always keep shoes by the bed, preferably nice ones because the emergency services may be on their way and you want to be looking good."
Responding to professional gossip Perez Hilton when he asked her to eat a cookie: "I can't. I don't want to ruin my image. I don't want to be seen smiling, eating or having fun. Perish the thought!"
While sunbathing in LA: "To think that this is what Paris Hilton does every single day."
After learning Toby Maguire lives nearby: "I love that! I love that Spiderman lives down the road. We have to make sure that wherever we live we have a superhero within 50 feet."
During a coaching session on how to survive an earthquake: "I can run in very high heels. I'm just not myself in flats. It might be more sensible but it's all about the posture - even in an earthquake."
Discussing Paris Hilton and fellow LA socialites: "Paris wears some nice clothes but other than that I don't really know anything about her. I know there are a few girls around here who go out without knickers on. Why do they do that?"

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