Judge revokes Lindsay Lohan’s probation…

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Lindsay Lohan
There was a dramatic scene in Los Angeles courthouse yesterday Lindsay Lohan High was arrested and handcuffed.

Actor was moved to the court for violating terms of probation and as a result of the judge revoked his probation and set the bond for the amount of effort, $ 200,000.

Fortunately for Lindsay had someone on hand who wants to cover the bills and therefore not really spend time behind bars, but not the end of this edition.

First, the next two weeks, Lilo must complete 16 hours of work in a morgue, and then faced the next hearing on November 2, in which the court will hear additional testimony regarding the violation of his probation before the end of the course of action decided.

What a mess, huh? And they all relate back to a gold necklace he stole.

Judge revokes Lindsay Lohan’s probation… others,